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The Latest 3D Imaging Technology in Lafayette, LA

Oubre Orthodontics, your Lafayette, LA, orthodontist, is pleased to offer the iTero Element 2 intraoral scanners and Envisiontec EnvisionOne 3D printer technology to our patients. This new technology is making orthodontics better than ever. Continuing our reputation of making sure patients receive nothing but the best for their orthodontic care, Oubre Orthodontics is on the cutting-edge when it comes to the field's latest advancements. And, utilizing 3D imaging and printers like Envisiontec EnvisionOne is the perfect example.

What is the iTero Element 2 Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero Element 2 intraoral digital scanner is a simple and easy tool that we use to capture precise 3D scans of all of our patient’s teeth. The patient's mouth is quickly and comfortably scanned using a small, handheld tool designed to easily navigate around the patient's teeth. This scan produces extremely precise 3D images of the patient’s teeth while also allowing us to record a registration of your bite relationship as well. This machine has revolutionized the process of orthodontics so much we have two separate iTero Element 2 scanners in our office and both are in use throughout the day.

Benefits of iTero Element 2

Gone are the days of antiquated and messy alginate impressions! They are uncomfortable, can trigger the gag reflex, make swallowing difficult and the accuracy of them is variable depending on the technique of the user. With our iTero Element 2 scanner we eliminate the mess and it delivers far superior results with no discomfort and in less time.

The iTero scanner also allows us to send 3D scans of our patient’s teeth to orthodontic labs across the world instantly, for maximum time efficiency in fabrication of all of our appliances. Furthermore iTero scanners are the only scanners on the market that allow us to send our scans directly to Invisalign to quickly begin aligner fabrication for the patient’s in our office.

What is the Envisiontec EnvisionOne 3D Printer?

Envisiontec EnvisionOne 3D printer is specifically designed for orthodontic use. With the Envisiontec printing system, after your mouth is scanned with our iTero Element 2 digital scanner, the 3D models of your teeth are then sent to the printer. Once on the printer we can 3D print a model of your teeth right in our office in approximately 20 minutes. This allows for retainers and appliances to be fabricated from the 3D scan of the teeth with advanced precision providing superior comfort and fit.

Benefits of Envisiontec EnvisionOne

The imaging software of the Envisiontec EnvisionOne uses a high-definition projection system known as Digital Light Processing (DLPL), which creates a crystal clear 3D image of your mouth in an instant, significantly reducing the processing time. This technology helps our orthodontists evaluate patients' needs, provides a helpful visual for the patient, and it fabricates the most accurate and smooth retainers or appliances right in the office.

Having this technology and equipment in-office also makes it possible for us to print our own indirect bonding trays, which ultimately allows for quicker and more accurate placement of orthodontic brackets. Find out more about indirect bonding on our DIBS Bonding page. It is a truly innovative advancement that takes the mess, discomfort and waiting out of orthodontic fitting while ensuring a cleaner, more precise product.

Get the Latest Technology at Your Lafayette, LA, Orthodontist!

With technology like this in the ever-advancing field of orthodontics, getting straighter teeth has never been easier for patients of all ages. If you have any questions, or you'd like to schedule an appointment, contact us! You can also request an appointment online. Exceptional results from our expert orthodontists can be yours!

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