Time To Tighten Braces! Here's Everything You Need to Know

Time To Tighten Braces! Here's Everything You Need to Know
Posted on 10/10/2023

For braces to make progress, patients will have to visit their orthodontists every six to eight weeks to get their braces “tightened.” Doctors John Oubre and Matthew Oubre who own and operate Oubre Orthodontics have experience and expertise in both metal braces and ceramic braces for our Lafayette patients. If you need an expert orthodontist, visit Oubre Orthodontics in Lafayette.

Wires Will Be Tightened Just Enough

To the disappointment of most patients, there's no speedy process for correcting teeth. It's why your orthodontist measures out and calculates carefully how much your braces should be “tightened” at each visit. What your orthodontist is doing during a “tightening” actually means that you are likely getting a new wire all together. In general the new wire will be one of two things. Either the wire will be larger or the wire will be made of a stiffer material; either of which will result in the braces feeling tighter than before. 

There's Discomfort

Unfortunately, because you are attempting to move your teeth into position and train them to stay put, there will always be some mild discomfort after each tightening. The discomfort will generally go away within a few days and if needed, you can take some medication to help minimize the discomfort. Your orthodontist may offer you a dental wax to ease the discomfort of braces poking your cheeks and lips, if that becomes an issue.

New Elastics Are Applied

The archwire, which is the wire that runs through your brackets, doesn't stay in place without help. That's what the elastics are for. Your orthodontist's assistant may ask you about colors if you want to be playful with the rubber bands. Then new elastics are placed over the brackets to help hold the wire in place. The elastics also share some of the burdens of moving your teeth into position, so they have to be changed at each visit.

You Will Be Given Instructions and Sent Home

Once the wire change (or “tightening”) and elastic band replacement is complete, your orthodontist will give you care instructions and send you home. This is also a good time to ask the orthodontist any questions you have or express any concerns. A lot of patients worry about wires coming loose or dealing with a lot of pain.

The orthodontist will double-check the work to make sure that the wire and elastics are tight and not loose. Then he or she will reassure you that the procedure went well. If you do have any serious concerns between appointments, the orthodontist usually tells you to call the office.

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