Taking Care of Your Braces During the Holidays

Taking Care of Your Braces During the Holidays
Posted on 12/20/2021

The holidays are an exciting time filled with family and friends. However, it can also be a time when we over-indulge in sugar and practice poor oral hygiene which can result in both dental and orthodontic issues. This holiday season, our Lafayette orthodontists want to give patients “holiday tips” to avoid any oral health problems and ensure their teeth and braces are healthy and strong.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene


Throughout the holiday season, be sure to continue your oral hygiene routine, effectively brushing and flossing. This is especially important after you’ve eaten cookies, cakes, or candies. Anything that is high in sugar puts your teeth at risk of cavities. If you are eating foods high in sugar, please be diligent to brush twice a day, and floss once a day. If you’ve had an especially sugary meal, our Lafayette orthodontist, Dr. John Oubre, encourages you to brush immediately after and clean your teeth of any potential risk.

Protect Your Teeth & Metal Braces in Lafayette

When playing any contact sport, we always recommend wearing a mouthguard, but this is even more important with some winter sports, particularly hockey (Where are my Ice Gators fans at!?!). If you are not an avid player, but you want to play a pick-up game in the street or at your local park or rink, please wear a mouthguard. You do not want to chip a tooth or break your braces during the holidays, this is a hassle you can avoid.

Avoid These Holiday Foods

During the holidays, you may be over-indulging in sweets and desserts, but it’s important to stay mindful of your braces. You should avoid the following foods which can sneak into seasonal meals and desserts:

  • Popcorn: Popcorn is always on the foods to avoid list with metal braces in Lafayette. The kernels can easily damage your brackets and wires leading to an orthodontic emergency.
  • Any Type of Nuts: Nuts can sneak into a number of dishes and it’s important that you avoid them completely. Look out for nuts in pies and desserts and potentially in stuffing or other side dishes. If you have metal or clear braces, we recommend you ask about the ingredients just to be sure everything is nut-free.
  • Caramel: Unfortunately, caramel is one of the biggest culprits of damage to braces. Caramel apples are a big no-no and any dessert that is topped with caramel sauce should also be off-limits.
  • Crunchy Vegetables: Remember, anything hard or crunchy can quickly damage your metal braces in Lafayette, this includes raw vegetables. Instead, stick to cooked, soft vegetables.

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