Pros and Cons of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Pros and Cons of Early Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 04/10/2023

Oubre Orthodontics in Lafayette, LA provides a variety of options for straightening your teeth, correcting bite issues, and improving your smile as a whole. The office aims to help both adults and children with these issues and more to help you look and feel your best. If you have a child who needs care, you may want to know the pros and cons of early orthodontic treatment.

What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is the earliest phase of orthodontic care for children who still have at least some of their primary teeth. Orthodontic treatment in children, which is often referred to as “phase one” is usually recommended due to a growth discrepancy of the upper and lower jaws. Some examples of how these growth discrepancies can show themselves are overbites, underbites or crossbites. Also, sometimes, a child’s teeth grow improperly or come in misaligned. Early orthodontic treatment at Oubre Orthodontics is meant to take advantage of a young patient’s natural growth and try to help get these jaw issues corrected  as well as to address problems with a child’s teeth so that they can avoid those issues as they grow and get their adult teeth. This treatment, when prescribed by your orthodontist, is usually appropriate by the time a child reaches the age of seven and has the permanent front teeth erupted because by then, their mouths have enough structure to determine how they develop when their adult teeth continue coming in.

What Are the Pros of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

There are definite advantages that come when children get early orthodontic treatment by experienced Lafayette orthodontics. Treating children for orthodontic problems at an early age can prepare them in the event that they continue having issues in the future. Early orthodontic treatment is actually less invasive than comprehensive treatment when they are older because not all the teeth will have braces and there are less moving parts going on.

Children who have early orthodontic treatment at Oubre Orthodontics get a good head-start with their treatment so that they can potentially avoid larger issues later. Lafayette orthodontists can prepare children’s mouths so that their adult teeth can grow normally. This sets up the child’s teeth for proper alignment before their adult teeth come in.

Another major benefit of early orthodontic treatment is that it can reduce a child’s need for braces as they get older or at least reduce the amount of time they need them. Children may also be able to avoid having teeth pulled when they get early orthodontic treatment.

What Are the Cons of Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Although early orthodontic treatment carries many benefits, there are also some cons to it. One is that children may need close monitoring to ensure that they take proper care of their teeth. Oral hygiene is an extremely important part of the orthodontic process to ensure overall dental health stays a top priority. The child will also require more frequent visits with Lafayette orthodontists to ensure that the treatment is progressing properly.

Oubre Orthodontics in Lafayette, LA offers early orthodontic treatment and many other options to patients of all ages. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for your child, contact our office at your earliest convenience.

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