How Long Does It Take to See Results from Braces?

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Braces?
Posted on 01/10/2024

Because orthodontic treatment often takes a year or longer, many patients are curious about when they'll see the initial results. With Dr. Matthew Oubre and Dr. John Oubre by your side, those results from braces in Lafayette, Louisiana, can be visible in little time. Learn more about what to expect with your treatment right now.

Noticing a Difference

Initially, your teeth will look the same as before as they become accustomed to the brackets and wires. As these components apply pressure to the teeth, they'll begin to shift. According to Medium, visible results are possible after the first one to two months. During this time, you might have at least one adjustment, which leads to further shifting and more visible changes.

Watching the Bite Change

This wide time frame has many contributing factors. For one, our orthodontist in Lafayette may be focusing on your bite at first. Cross-bites, under-bites, and overbites require pressure from the braces and other components to move the jaw into the proper position. Although the teeth may not look straight yet, the bite may be improving right now.

Considering Tooth Extractions

Treatment results may take longer when tooth extractions are necessary. For example, several baby teeth may be blocking the adult teeth from dropping into place. Removing the baby teeth and placing a bracket on the adult teeth for proper alignment may be part of your treatment plan. Overall, all braces in Lafayette will have unique time frames and treatment lengths. For any questions, call Oubre Orthodontics today!

Keeping Up With Appointments

Missing appointments with your orthodontist in Lafayette is another reason for delayed results. With each visit, our doctors adjust the braces. These adjustments lead to straighter teeth. Ideally, keep all appointments unless a true emergency arises.

Avoiding Dental Trauma

Treatment results are often delayed by trauma to the teeth and braces. Avoid these scenarios whenever possible, such as:

  • Eating sticky or hard foods
  • Playing contact sports
  • Altering the metal components at home

By allowing your braces in Lafayette to work as designed, your results can be timely. If you're concerned about dental trauma, our staff can always recommend a mouth guard for specific situations.

Partnering with Dr. John Oubre and Dr. Matthew Oubre gives you a chance at a brilliant smile in little time. As your top orthodontist in Lafayette, our services are available every weekday. Contact Oubre Orthodontics for your next appointment today!

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