Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Orthodontics

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Orthodontics
Posted on 10/20/2020
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A majority of people are familiar with orthodontic treatments like kids braces and Invisalign. However, there are probably a few facts that would surprise you! At Oubre Orthodontics, we are passionate about providing quality orthodontic care to patients throughout the Lafayette area. We also enjoy educating our patients about their braces and how to get the most out of their treatment. Today, we want to give you four new facts that you probably didn’t know about orthodontics!

Lafayette Braces Have No Age Limit

A lot of patients believe that orthodontics are only for teens, but this is simply not true. At Oubre Orthodontics, adults are our fastest growing group of new patients. Adults love our affordable braces and the discrete, unnoticeable treatment options we offer. A patient can undergo orthodontic care at any age, there is truly no age limit!

Orthodontics is Not More Painful the Older You Get

Orthodontics is Not More Painful the Older You GetFor some patients, particularly late teens and adults, they believe that orthodontic care will be too painful for them because they are no longer growing. Again, this is not true. To slowly shift teeth to a straighter position there will be some minor pain and discomfort, but this will only last a few days and is common for all patients. Orthodontics is virtually pain-free for children, teens, and adults.

Orthodontics Will Not Take Years

Some patients are nervous about teen braces because they think they will have braces for the entirety of high school. Once again, this is a myth! Depending on your teeth, mouth, and bite, orthodontic care could take as little as six months. The average time span for Lafayette braces is 20 months, which means you’ll be out of braces in under two years!

Crooked Teeth Have Existed Since the Beginning of Time

Crooked teeth are not new, in fact, they have existed for thousands of years. Archeologists find skulls with crooked teeth all the time. There’s no need to feel like you are weird because you need Lafayette orthodontics. In reality, it's a right of passage that has occurred throughout human history.

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