Drinks To Avoid With Braces

Drinks To Avoid With Braces
Posted on 06/04/2018

Girl with braces smiling with a cup in her handBraces can give you a smile you love, but in turn, you must take care of your teeth while wearing them. As your trusted orthodontist in Lafayette, we at Oubre Orthodontics know that wearing braces means you have to make some dietary changes, and we understand that some of these may be challenging. However, we are here to support you and guide you through your orthodontic treatment.

Ditch These Beverages While Wearing Braces

You may know there are certain foods you should not eat while wearing appliances during your treatment, including chewy caramels and toffee, popcorn, and corn on the cob. To further protect your teeth and braces and ensure the best results, steer clear of these drinks.

  • Sodas: These sugar-rich fizzy drinks can wreak havoc with your teeth and appliances. They deposit loads of sugar around and under your braces that can cause tooth decay you will not even know about until the orthodontist removes your braces.
  • Fruit juices: In addition to refined sugar in some cases, these contain acid that can damage your teeth. Lemon juice, for example, contains citric acid.
  • Sports drinks: Beverages such as energy and isotonic drinks have a lot of sugar that will harm your teeth. Avoid sweetened tea as well.
  • Sweet liquids: This category includes syrups as well as honey and natural syrups from plants.

Avoiding these beverages can be a help to your overall health, actually. During orthodontic treatment, however, they can cause lasting damage to your teeth, so make good choices. Drink plenty of healthy water to stay hydrated. If you absolutely need to sip something sweet, try using natural stevia. If you need braces in Lafayette, an experienced orthodontist will answer your questions and help you on the way to getting a wonderful smile you will want to show off.

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