Can Braces Rust?

Can Braces Rust?
Posted on 12/10/2023

When you walk into Oubre Orthodontics, you're walking into a family-friendly atmosphere that will ease your mind and calm your nerves. The foundation is the father-son duo of Dr. John Oubre and Dr. Matthew Oubre. The family bond and atmosphere extend to the staff, which will help you feel right at home. This atmosphere has brought new and repeat patients back to their offices for over 40 years.

Our top priority is developing a healthy and head-turning smile. That's why we use quality-made materials for our ceramic, clarity advanced, and metal braces in Lafayette. So, you might ask yourself: Can braces rust? It's a genuine concern. Most metals will rust near water or air, so the assumption is that the metals in your mouth will rust, too. After all, saliva surrounds the metal all the time.

And the Answer is...

No, the metal material in braces does not rust. Metals at risk of rusting are iron and iron-mixed metals. Advanced technology determines that rust-resistant metals will last many years in your mouth. The wires in most braces are stainless steel and titanium. Some brackets may mix nickel or chrome. They withstand water and wear and tear because they are highly durable. The same materials extend to brace brackets in metal braces. Conversely, clear ceramic and clarity advanced versions use ceramic brackets. When you wear our braces, you can rest easy knowing rust won't develop in your mouth.

Although rare, reckless food and drink consumption may cause a stain that looks like rust or corrosion. That's why knowing what not to eat during brace treatment is crucial. We also encourage patients to brush and floss their teeth and gums to maintain good oral health. The rust-looking stain will mostly go away.

If you do everything right and your braces rust, it's the company's fault. You chose an office that values cheap, rust-prone metals or materials not meant for your mouth over your oral health. That is medical malpractice. Rust in your mouth will harm your teeth and gums and cause blood poisoning. If rust develops on your braces, place your trust in a different office to correct the issue. Contact Oubre Orthodontics in Lafayette, LA to schedule an appointment immediately.

Your Health Comes First

As stated before, we only use safe, high-quality materials. We know the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. We work hard to make our office accessible to patients who need us to correct or check up on dental issues. If there are concerns, we will diagnose and remedy the problem before it worsens. Contact Oubre Orthodontics for more information on clarity, clear, and metal braces in Lafayette, LA.

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