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The Latest 3D Imaging Technology Applied to Orthodontics

Oubre Orthodontics is pleased to be able to offer Envisiontec Vida 3D printer technology to our patients in Lafayette and Youngsville. This new technology is making orthodontics more comfortable than ever. Continuing their reputation of making sure patients receive nothing but the best when it comes to their orthodontic care, Oubre Orthodontics is cutting-edge when it comes to the field's latest advancements, none more substantial than utilizing 3D imaging and printers like Envisiontec Vida. 

What is the Envisiontec Vida 3D Printer? 

Envisiontec Vida 3D printer is a 3D printer that is specifically designed for orthodontic use. It is superior in many ways to common continuous 3D printers that you may have seen before. It produces exceptional results in several ways, beginning with imaging software. Digital Light Processing (DLP) uses a high-definition projection system that creates an entire exposure instantly, cutting down on processing time and producing a crystal clear 3D image of your mouth almost instantly. This helps our orthodontists evaluate the needs of the patients as well as gives a helpful visual for the patient to see for themselves if needed, as well as fabricate the most accurate retainer or appliance in the office.

Another advantage of Envisiontec Vida is that unlike other common continuous printers that leave a stair-step effect on their printed models, resulting in ridged and less accurate products, Envisiontec uses patented technology to more evenly regulate oxygen pressure during printing, ensuring a completely smooth and much more accurate result. 

Envisiontec Vida 3D Printer can print over ten molds within twenty minutes. Imagine having your retainer in hand in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Thanks to Envisiontec Vida, you can! Having this technology and equipment in-office also makes it possible for us to print our own indirect bonding jigs which ultimately allows for quicker and more accurate bracket placement on braces and appliances. It is a truly innovative advancement that is taking the mess, discomfort, and waiting out of orthodontic fitting while ensuring a cleaner, more precise product. 

How is Envisiontec Better than Alginate Impressions?

Alginate impressions, the type of dental impressions that have been used to create molds of the mouth for orthodontic and dental care for many years, can be a messy and sometimes uncomfortable process. For some patients who have a sensitive gag reflex, it is a downright dreaded experience. Alginate powder is mixed with equal parts of water and stirred until smooth. There is a short amount of time before this begins to set in which it must be put into a mold and fitted into the patient's mouth. During this time, the patient is often uncomfortable and unable to swallow. If the alginate is not mixed well, or if it is inserted incorrectly, bubbles can form and cause a less accurate or even unusable mold. If the patient bites down too much or moves too much, this can also produce inaccurate results, resulting in ill-fitting retainers or appliances. 

Envisiontec Vida 3D Printer eliminates the mess and discomfort entirely, allowing the patient to get a cleaner, quicker and more accurate retainer with no discomfort. With the Envisiontec Vida printing system, the patient's mouth is simply scanned comfortably and quickly using a small, handheld tool designed to easily navigate around the patient's teeth and produce superb images that are then sent to the printer.  Retainers and appliances are then fabricated, all while the patient relaxes comfortably. This advanced precision results in better fitting retainers for the patients, and there is less distortion than we get with alginate molds. 

With technology like this in the ever-advancing field of orthodontics, getting straighter teeth has never been more accessible for our patients of all ages. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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